Session Schedule

Schedule for 2022:


Mon 4th - Group Session 56

** Wed 6th @ 8pm - Coaching session 2 (date moved from end June)

Tues 12th @ 8pm - Group Meditation

Mon 18th - Group Session 57


Mon 1st - Group Session 58

Tues 9th @ 8pm - Group Meditation

Mon 15th - Group Session 57

** Eloise on holiday end August


Mon 5th - Group Session 60

Tues 13th @ 8pm - Group Meditation

Mon 19th - Group Session 61

... more dates will be added!

Please note that sometimes I do need to change times due to diary constraints... I will give you a warning if this happens.

Invites for the group meditations etc are sent out via email the Monday before the session.

** Note all times are UK (London) timings - find your local time here LOCAL TIME CALCULATOR

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