Fancy spending a month focused on letting go of the patterns no longer serving you?

Want to embrace a new version of yourself?

Want some more possibility in your life?

This series was created live in July 2019 - you can still buy the series after it was completed. I included any future people into the series energy.

The theme which came up for this series was fascinating...

Why break up with yourself? Let me explain...

You are not the same person you were yesterday, but you are holding on to the old you with both hands saying "don't change" and yet you do change... and so that is both frustrating & exciting! You get disappointed with yourself on the one hand & curious on the other with what might be.

You are not the person you were yesterday... So why try being that person today!? Why not just be you and appreciate the version of you which you are today?

This series is going to support breaking down some of these concepts & expectations which we have on ourselves. Plus embracing us!

By the end I hope you will be asking "Who am I in this moment? Wow I am cool" :D


"Breaking Up with Yourself" consisted of 8 sessions. Originally released with 2 a week… so you get a constant clearing over 4 weeks… clearing out what is holding you back from creating something new!

Additionally there are 4 insight sessions... mini lectures on topics around the theme. These were not planned, they just were needed by the group.

No rules as to when you listen! You can listen when you like. However, I encourage you to set time aside to listen over the 4 weeks.

These will complement any healing you are doing!


“I signed up for the Breaking Up With Yourself Group Sessions because I was feeling a little stuck in life, a bit deflated, and unmotivated.

I wasn't sure what to expect as my options are quite limited at the moment in terms of big life changes.

However I have to say I have been delighted by the shifts that have occurred during, and following the sessions.

The first thing I noticed was that life took on a different quality - I still had the same job and routine, but it felt new.

If you've ever changed jobs, or moved, it felt a bit like that - exciting, experiencing everything with fresh eyes, as if anything were possible.

Since then, I have found myself embracing life more, exploring, meeting new people, new ideas, forming deeper connections with existing friendship circles.

I am more motivated and have started a new exercise regime, a writing practice, and have rediscovered a sense of hope and expectation about my life.

The transformation from then to now, is quite amazing! 

I am still struggling with aspects of my work though so I'm signing up for Eloise's September sessions on Money and can't wait to see what changes may manifest in my life!

Thank you Eloise - your compassionate wisdom has really enabled some remarkable changes on this journey of mine."

CG, Australia

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"I found ‘Breaking up with yourself’ to be a genuinely transformational experience. It wasn’t the easiest of courses to do because it brought up things I hadn’t thought about in years. But with each session, I slowly felt weight lifting and perspective-shifting, and I came out the other side a calmer person with more enthusiasm for the path ahead.

I took this course because I was at a point in life where I was ready for change and felt myself overly burdened with past baggage and patterns that I knew weren’t serving me anymore. But that recognition was as far as I got on my own. The course gave me tools and insights to help me start to examine and shift those patterns, and to gain some perspective on what I’ve been experiencing energetically and physically as I move through life.

Many times, it felt like Eloise was speaking directly to me, and it was so reassuring to realise I wasn’t alone and my experiences and challenges are shared."

Rachelle, Brighton UK

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Breaking Up With Yourself

Want some more possibility in your life?

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