"Fighting Fit for 2021"

Mini-series of sessions

Starting Monday 11th January

Please leave your email via the link (click the button) & then complete registration here.

This just ensures I can email you every time I put a session live!

​Following the energy of what is needed to kick 2021 off!

Tuning in "Being Fighting Fit for 2021" was the title coming up ;)

So join me for 3 weeks of sessions (and maybe more - will follow the energy of the group) and see what we need to focus on to make 2021 a super year!

Starting Monday 11th January 2021

What will be included:

5 sessions (Mon-Fri) each week

3 weeks of sessions

So 15 sessions minimum!

An email every time a session goes live

I will follow the group energy and see what the focus is for each session.

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Fighting Fit for 2021

Lockdown special rate

In Dollars so you can pay by PayPal.

Usually £120 (approx $166) but discounted for 2021.