Hands up who has issues around money?

(Everyone puts their hands up!)

It doesn't matter who you are & your financial situation everyone could improve their relationship with money!

* Worried you don't earn enough?

* Want to upgrade your living expenses? Or save for a big holiday?

* Know you have debts to clear, or big expenses coming up?

* Worried for retirement, or later in life? You know you should be saving!

* Know the cost of living is increasing

Are you exhausted of worrying about money?

Are you sick and tired of not having enough?

When things are not going your way, you just want a break form all the stress... and money is a big stress factor. We always want more & we start to blame ourselves when we don't get it.

You have worked hard enough! Why is money not coming?

It is natural to feel frustrated when money doesn't come to you when you want it... especially if you feel like you have been working so hard for years. "Surely I deserve more than this?"

We all want to plan for that big dream

Maybe it is a holiday you want to take? Or maybe you want to take your parents/family/significant other to an amazing place? Or you want to pay for a wedding!? There is always something coming up you wish you had more for?

And later in life, we don't want to worry about it!

There is a way out of the stress. You can change your relationship with money...

...is it time for money to come to you?

I am on a mission to help others just like you!

Money doesn't grow on trees!

I never felt like I had enough! I always struggled with money. I never have had a lavish lifestyle... there just never seemed to be enough...

I tried budgeting! It never worked for me.

Eventually, I went on a deep cleanse of all the BS I was telling myself & realised the common factor here (with all the years of pain) was me!

Maybe I was the problem all along!?

Imagine if we could dive into your subconscious and find all the money blocks you have?

What if money could just come to you? Without all the need, drama... and you finally lose that scarcity feeling once and for all!

Time to change your money relationship once and for all?


I know you are aware of this maybe!? But like everything in the Universe, money is just energy. Do you want to get this on a deep cellular level?


Well it can grow anywhere!

And some places may surprise you!


Do you think you are only worth what you were paid last month or last year? Time to increase your internal worth!

If we could clear your deep held money beliefs... everything could change!


This mini (big mini!) group sessions series is.... money!









Diving deep & clearing the money beliefs we all hold deep inside.


As well as the "healing sessions" we will be going deep into the group energy and uncovering topics that need to be explored!

PLUS additional resources you can dive into if you want to dive deeper into money, your worth & the psychology/energy of money.

Are you ready to dive deep into your money issues? Finally, allow money to show up?


‘This series was brilliant; hugely transformational. 

You helped us to shift some life-long stuff, and helped our psychoneuroendocrinal system to finally become OK with ‘happy’ and ‘success’. So we were emotionally set up to start being super-healthy money-wise. 

At the time, we still didn’t have our website, so we had to focus on putting other pieces of the puzzle in place. But now we are in a position, for the first time ever, to congruently start bringing wealth easily into our life. (Or should that be Eloisily?) Thank you."


"Last year, I took part in Eloise's "Money" series. I really enjoyed it but did not notice any changes in my life. Fast forward to this year, my income stream changed in March 2020 but instead of panicking and feeling I have less, I actually feel abundant, like I have more. My husband and I decided we need to move apartments and move to a much cheaper place. But due to this abundance I am feeling, my new place is much nicer than my current place, so I am upgrading my life and stepping into abundance. Don't miss out on this chance for yourself."

Ashna, Malta

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