Spring Clean With Sparkles

Mini-Series of Sessions

Starts 19th April 2021

Every spring I offer a new series and this year again the energy for a "Spring Clean" theme is here! Yes, we may get into spring cleaning your home & life... but via spring cleaning your energy/body/mind... whatever the group needs!

Just like our home can get cluttered with things, so can our bodies! We store away unexpressed emotions & memories in the body all the time!! Every session I do can help clear this out... but it is nice to focus our energy on really tidying up the clutter...

just like giving our home a good spring clean! It feels so good when it is done.

How would it feel to have that sensation in your body?

As we work internally, so too our external world shifts & vice versa. In this series we may end up doing some decluttering of our life as much as the body!? Who knows what will come up?

Want to make space for new things coming into your life?

Want to clear out the internal & external clutter?

Want that "spring clean decluttered" feeling in your body & mind?

Join me for 2 weeks of sessions (minimum and maybe more - will follow the energy of the group) and see what we need to Spring Clean with Sparkles!

Starting Monday 19th April 2021

What will be included:

5 sessions (Mon-Fri) each week

2 weeks of sessions

So 10 sessions minimum!

An email every time a session goes live - so you know it is there for you.

I will follow the group energy and see what the focus is for each session.

Topics covered (so far):

  • Self-care
  • Decluttering the home
  • Decluttering your digital life & to-do list
  • Clearing clutter in the heart area
  • Loss


"Even now, months later, I smile when I think of Eloise’s wonderful ‘Spring clean with sparkles’. Full of fun, inspiration and practical tools, and injected with Eloise’s irrepressible sparkly good humour, giggles and warmth, I know I’ll be coming back to this time and time again in the years to come."

Rachelle, Brighton UK

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