My annual series to connect you with your heart & be more of you!

Want to connect with your heart & have better relationships? Join in with the sessions...

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Group Sessions are an awesome way of clearing our common issues such as:

improving relationships

intimacy issues

healing heartbreak

letting go of past hurt

Sessions were recorded in February 2022 over 3+ weeks.

There are 16 sessions in total... over 5 hours of audio.

Most sessions are 15-30 mins in length.


"Stepping into Love is a great series.

The title alone has reminded me that the qualities of love are all around and then to find the key to step into it moment by moment. 

It has helped me to remember that I came from love; I exit in love and I am moving to love. 

On reflection, the step into love is a memory that adjusts the perspective of where I am in this life and profound gratitude. Thank you so much."

Christine, UK

"Like previous years the sessions this year were also very powerful. It is amazing how much is going on even the session are very short. I immediately connect with the energies and can feel the gratitude from my body, it is an amazing feeling. Thank you so much for doing this Eloise."

Sanne, Denmark

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