Unwrapping Myself

Mini-Series of Sessions

Recorded in July 2021

How do you wrap yourself up?

Are you hiding your true self?

Do you have expectations on how you should be seen?

Join me for 18 sessions and see how we can unwrap ourselves!

Sessions started 5th July & ran till 31st July

Getting out of self-judgment, blame, expectations of self & clearing all the ways we hide our true nature... so we can be vulnerable & authentic in our skin.

Feeling safe!

Overview of the series:

Eloise talks about how this series came up & where it might go!

(Recorded before we started!)


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Unwrapping Myself

Approx £120

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"This unwrapping course is amazing!  

There was soooo much fizzing and sizzling under the hand whilst on the heart. I thought what is going on?  

The immediate agenda had been hidden reasons for the unwrapping like the children`s game of pass the parcel!!! Then you introduced the possibility of stuff decided` years ago still lurking in the wrapping!! And the concept of everything happening at once! The far-reaching belief in this knowledge in quantum physics was deeply felt.  

The beliefs held were exposed and their grip was loosened and not with an ounce of regret!!!! But they had been --mine --for life! Physically I felt my shoulders and neck loosen and air entering the body."

Christine, UK 2021

"I have been following Eloise's Stepping into Love session and Spring Clean and I am amazed how effective and strong it has been even thought the sessions are very short the results go deep into the body. I feel the energy already before starting, and my body answers immediately to the energies. Really fantastic.

I can only recommend following her sessions."

Sanne Larsen, Ebeltoft, Denmark May 2021