Guidelines for the group

There are no real rules... but a set of guidelines to make sure you get the most from the group!

  1. Ask questions! This won't work if no one asks anything ;)
  2. Ask any question - there are no silly ones! It starts a conversation & we gain a lot from the discussion.
  3. Be respectful & supportive of each other.
  4. Come to the call ready to contribute! What worked well for you this month? What you struggled with? Sharing your ups and downs helps everyone else!
  5. Confidentiality - what happens in the monthly, stays in the monthly! That way we can discuss anything!
  6. Anything you want to add?

The only rule for joining is that you have to have taken MindScape with Eloise!

Did you sneak in? I check every registration that comes in & you will be removed from the group if you are not one of my previous students. Any payments made will not be refunded - to cover costs of my admin time.

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