"Clearing The Past"

Series of Sessions

recorded in September & October 2021

This series was focussing on clearing past baggage...

ancestral influences,

past life baggage,

influences from other people (collective consciousness),

old belief systems which no longer serve us!


and the baggage we have picked up along the way!

And a lot more!

Join me for 18 group sessions plus 3 'live' sessions.

All the recordings are available for you to enjoy. Along with the original timings... so you can either run through the series, or take it at the original pace.

** This series is following on from the "Unwrapping Myself" series... it would be beneficial to have gone through those sessions first, but not essential.

Overview of the series:

Eloise talks about how this series came up & where it might go! (Obviously recorded before we started!)

The Series:

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"As someone who has had their fair share of loss this series was a must for me and it had strange repercussions.

Having gained weight during the lockdowns my intentions were to let go of all belief systems around eating, diets, weight, body image etc! Another layer of all that anyway, but a few weeks after the series ended I felt compelled to contact a boy I’d been at primary school with! I had always held a torch for him and that day after years of daydreaming about him for afar, his name entered my inbox (via an email from a friend) – coincidence? I don’t think so! 

I sat on this information for a while, then under the influence of a couple of glasses of red wine emailed him, out of the blue, somebody I haven’t seen since I was 12 when we left Yorkshire and moved 120 miles away! How mad was that? But I just had to do it. He was very sweet and emailed back and suggested that next time I’m in the area we could go for a drink. (We have a mutual friend who has talked to both of us about each other, so it wasn’t a complete cold call).

Afterwards I started thinking what was it about the strong feelings I had towards this boy who I probably wouldn’t even recognise now if I saw him? Was it a soul connection, why did the bond feel so real and powerful? Then, bang, it came to me – it was connected to the trauma of leaving Yorkshire, a massive move at the time, and I really didn’t want to go and he was part of the reason.

Simultaneously I realised I’ve repeated this pattern! After my husband died I threw myself at his best friend! Another close relationship connected to a trauma!  Once realised and seen in the light the emotional charge was gone! A huge shift for me! I emailed and explained all this to him – he hasn’t replied, either thinks I’m mad or hasn’t seen the email, but that doesn’t matter. Writing and explaining was important for me.

Wow, so thanks Eloise, and your Letting go of the Past series!"

Gill, Cornwall UK, January 2022

"This unwrapping course is amazing!  

There was soooo much fizzing and sizzling under the hand whilst on the heart. I thought what is going on?  

The immediate agenda had been hidden reasons for the unwrapping like the children`s game of pass the parcel!!! Then you introduced the possibility of stuff decided` years ago still lurking in the wrapping!! And the concept of everything happening at once! The far-reaching belief in this knowledge in quantum physics was deeply felt.  

The beliefs held were exposed and their grip was loosened and not with an ounce of regret!!!! But they had been --mine --for life! Physically I felt my shoulders and neck loosen and air entering the body."

Christine, UK 2021