"Dream Life Series"

Series of Sessions

Recorded November/December 2021.

This series focused on what stops you from seeing the life you would love to have... and bringing it to you!

Removing the baggage stopping you from making your dreams a reality!

And a lot more!

The Series is ran over 3+ weeks... with 10 insight plus 10 healing sessions.

In total there is over 7.5 hours of content to enjoy.

Overview of the series:

Eloise talks about how this series came up & where it might go! (Obviously recorded before we started!)


"I have always found it hard to put into words what exactly I do want my Dream Life to be but setting intentions and listening to the insight audios and the sessions has been transformative for me.

I have been sitting on a file of poems I’d written a couple of years ago. They were written in such a flowing, easy way, almost as if they were coming from somewhere else, so I knew they had to be shared but wasn’t sure how. I set this puzzle as one of my intentions at the beginning of the Dream Life series. After all, if I could crack this problem, how free would I feel?

A blog was one solution I’d thought about but had struggled to set one up despite several abortive attempts. Suddenly though, I got the overriding push to try again and had the motivation to sit at the computer for 2 days determined to do it and with the help of the online chat I have done it! 

What gave me that motivation? You guessed it!  I am sure it was the Dream Life Series!

It is a massive shift for me. I’m going to post a poem a week, edit as I go along and when I get to the end of the folder, I plan to have my book ready for publication!

Thank you, Eloise, for your inspiration, help, support, and for opening me up to possibility and for keeping at the forefront of my brain some of the ‘obvious’ things I forget when I sit back and let life happen to me, rather than taking the initiative!"

Gill, Cornwall UK

January 2022

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