* Welcome from Eloise


Welcome to the "Dream Life" series!

Want to know more? Listen to the audio below...

This series started on Monday 29th November 2021... but will include anyone who listens through all space & time in the sessions.

The series ran over 4 weeks, and you can see the sessions ended up being on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. I have left the original schedule so you can either copy it (write the days in your diary so you come back to it). Alternatively, you can just dive in every other day (ignoring the weekends). Or, go through at your own pace...

Or one final suggestion is to listen the insight & sessions on alternate days... so Day 1 Insight 1, Day 2 Session 1, Day 3 Insight 2... etc.

Just go at the pace that feels right for you!

However, if you start the series please complete it within the month... by regularly coming back to it you will really see all the changes!

And of course, you can come back to it again & again! Revisit anytime for another round.




PS Finally, after you have completed it feel free to look at the "want to search for something?" section at the bottom. You can search any of the audios for keywords. So, if you want to revisit something but cannot remember which audio it was in... you can find it there.

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