Welcome to Dose of Truth Tarot!


We are so excited you have taken the decision to join us for the Dose of Truth Tarot Course!

We hope you get lots from the course!

A few things to mention...

If you find something which is confusing, or not clear... please email us (see address below). We have had a number of beta students go through the course in 2021, but if we missed something let us know.

You get all updates for life... so if we need to add something, or improve it you will get additions.

Talking of updates, please make sure to check your email to confirm we can email you (you will get a confirmation email from Eloise for her email system - please click to say you are happy to hear from us!) in case you want to get an email when anything is added or updated.

If you enjoy the class & want to deepen your journey into Tarot we have a Tarot membership which we open twice a year to new members. This gives you access to ask Terryann as many questions as you like & connect with fellow students to practice!!

Finally, we are so excited you choose to take the course with us! We loved creating it and will keep adding to it over time. So, your feedback is welcome!

Please watch the welcome video & the walkthrough video... it will give you an overview of the course & how it opens up for you!


Terryann & Eloise


PS Any questions? Just drop Eloise an email:

[email protected]

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