Welcome to Eloise's Freedom Hub! Start here!

Welcome to Eloise's Freedom Hub!

So exited you are now part of this community!

Sessions started on Monday 23rd March 2020. All sessions will be added into the "session" sections, organised by the season. The latest season will be at the top... so always start there.

There is also a schedule area where you can see all the dates & put in your diary/planner if you like. You will receive an email every time a session goes live.

More things will be added to the Hub over the coming months! So stay tuned for new additions.

I really want to build a community for all of you, so there is a Facebook group where I will be jumping on a few times a week to see how you are all doing & share what I am up to.

Please feel free to connect with other like minded people in the group via the Facebook page.

Any questions? Drop me an email [email protected] or pop it in the Facebook Group!

Looking forward to sharing this journey with you!




"Since I’ve been doing your sessions my intuition has developed, my career has gone from strength to strength and I’m living life. Anxiety seems to be a thing of the past and when on a rare occasion I experience it, it’s like ooh what’s this? I can’t believe I lived with it for so many years of my life." Wendy - June 2019

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