FAQs - Your Common Questions!



How do group sessions work?

Hard to explain without going into quantum physics! I can teach you how to tune into a person, or a group of people in only two days! It isn’t hard – it just takes practice! Everything in the Universe is connected, so given the right training & tools you can tune into anyone or anything.

I tune into all the people who will listen to the session - even those in the future. If you want to know more about how I do it, just ask.

The sessions are set up to run when you listen to the session.


How will the sessions be delivered?

You receive an email when each session goes live – the schedule of dates is easy to find. The session audio will be available in the Hub before the email is sent. So you can enjoy it when you have time. The sessions are done on a Monday.


How often & how will sessions be delivered?

There are two sessions a month, so normally every 2-3 weeks depending on my schedule & how many Mondays there are in the month.


How do the meditations work?

I set up a Zoom meeting (online webinar tool) which is more robust than Skype. Everyone can join and share their video if they like. Only my video is recorded for the replay. The dates for the meditation is in the schedule.

The sessions are normally done on a Tuesday evening once a month, at 8pm. So at 8pm I jump on… and the actual meditation starts at 8.10 to give everyone time to settle. I am available to answer questions or chat till we get started.

Sessions will last whatever length is advertised – depends on group energy.

You will get the replay, so you can watch and “join in” whenever you like.

We have found people can get into a deeper meditative state in a group setting.


I am not on Facebook & don’t want to join in the group?

That is fine! It is not mandatory to join in with the group.

Really up to you. Some people love being part of a community, and others don’t enjoy it. So no pressure.

There is also a Telegram group for those wanting a little extra!

How much do I pay? Will it go up? 

As long as you stay a member in good standing you will have access for the life of the Hub at the rate you start paying. Whatever price you come in at (monthly, or annual) you will get that rate forever. You will be "grandfathered" in at that rate.

If you leave, and what to come back... you will have to pay the current rate. You will loose your discount.

If you pay annually you will get an email the week before the payment goes out to remind you.

Can I leave the Hub?

Of course, you can... I will be sad to see anyone go, but if you want to you can cancel your subscription through your account on here. (See video below).

If you leave you will lose access to all the content. If you ever decide to rejoin you will lose your discounted rate & have to rejoin at whatever the current price is.

Account/Subscription Maintenance Questions?

There is an overview video below which will answer some questions.

What happens if my payment fails?

Everyone has this happen from time to time... often our bank cards change etc.

Teachable will automatically re-try to take your payment again. It will try 3 days after the subscription date. If that fails it will try again on the 7th day. If that fails it will try a week later. After 3 attempts it will cancel the subscription automatically!

This means you will lose access, lose your original rate & lose all your progress inside the Hub.

Teachable will email you after each failed attempt. And I normally email if I see a second failure - just in case you have not seen it.

You can easily change your payment card details, or add a new method of payment, inside your account.

Can I change my subscription from annual to monthly?

Yes! Just email me and I can change it... but if you are on an annual payment and you wish to change over you need to let me know the week before your annual subscription is due!

If you want to change from monthly to paying annually (getting 2 months free) you can do so. Just message me and we can shift it over.

Any further questions?

Please email me: [email protected] or write them below & I will add them here if they are common!

Enjoy! x

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